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28 December 2008 @ 01:08 am

Anderson smiled at Erica as he bent to kiss her cheek. “Have a good weekend.”

Erica raised an eyebrow. “You are far too giddy. Big plans for Paul’s birthday?”

Anderson smiled, flushing a little as he let his plan play out in his mind for a minute. Nodding, rather than answering her, Anderson chuckled softly at just how excited he’d become to put his plan into action.

Erica shook her head and walked away, “Be safe!” she hollered, and Anderson smiled realizing that he’d need to stop to buy condoms on his way home in order to fully comply with Erica’s one demand on him.

At home, he set the table with his best china, tipping the delivery boy a little too well before he plated the food and lit the candles. Paul came home just a few minutes later than normal, kissing Anderson and smiling as he regaled him with tales of his drinks with Stephen and Amy.

Anderson watched him eat, and made small talk about his day: everyone he’d talked to, every gift he’d received. By the time their plates were empty, Anderson refilled their wine glasses and led Paul to the couch, kissing his neck as he curled to his side.

Anderson checked the clock on the wall and felt his pulse began to race. It was time.

“So,” he whispered against Paul’s neck, kissing it gently as he continued, “I haven’t given you your big gift yet.”

Paul smiled and sat up, raising an eyebrow as he turned to face Anderson. “Oh?”

Anderson nodded, taking a drink of his wine before he set it down and curled his hands around Paul’s. “Baby, I wanted to get you something that only I can give you… something that you want… something that you’ve never had… with me.”

Paul’s smile got broader as he leaned forward and kissed Anderson gently. “Ok… and?”

Anderson bit his lip, staring into Paul’s eyes for a long moment. “Tonight… I’m going to fuck you… in a way that I’ve never fucked you. We’re… we’re going to do things that I know you imagine… things that I know you want but won’t ask me for. Things… things Amy wanted to give you, but never could.”

Paul raised an eyebrow, “Andy… Amy gave me almost everything…”

“She didn’t give you me,” Anderson whispered, bending and kissing Paul gently before he brushed his fingers down his throat, “and you’ve told me that you would have wanted us both… you’ve whispered hushed fantasies about me… joining you when you were with Amy.”

Paul’s eyebrow shot up even higher, his adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed back the excitement rising steadily in him. “You’re not… Amy didn’t…”

“Not Amy,” Anderson whispered, kissing him again, “but… tonight… we’re going to have company… and you’re going to come so hard…”

Anderson smiled as the doorbell rang, raising his eyebrow at Paul before he stood up.

Paul hurried to his feet and grabbed Anderson’s hand. “Andy… you’re serious?”

Anderson nodded, kissing Paul deeply, his fingers curling through his hair as he tugged him against him. “It’s going to be hot babe,” he whispered, “you can do whatever you want… I’ll do whatever you want… so will she.”

Paul smiled, his cock growing so hard it was painful against the zipper of his jeans.

Anderson pulled away and answered the door, smiling at the girl as she walked in and helping her slide off her jacket before he hung it up.

“Paul,” he whispered, curling his hands around the girl’s arms as he stood behind her, “Happy Birthday.”

Paul whimpered, the girl was gorgeous, and the smile on her face and the look in her eyes told Paul that Anderson had been completely truthful in his promise.

As if she was reading his mind she nodded, whispering, “Anything you want.”

Paul glanced back at Anderson, their eyes locking for a long moment before Anderson bent and pressed his lips to the girl’s neck. “Go to him,” he whispered against her skin, “Do whatever he tells you to.”

Paul took a deep breath as the girl walked to him, her hands trailing over her breasts in a seductive way as she placed one heel in front of the other. “Paul,” she whispered, “Anderson loves you very much… enough that he will let you have anything you want from me. Just say it… and it’s yours.”

Paul hissed as the girl’s hands curled around the waist of his jeans, her fingertips trailing across his hot skin as she leaned forward and let her tongue slide along the shell of his ear before he whispered. “What do you want… first?”

Anderson gasped, the sight before him turning him on more than he had been prepared for it to, and Paul’s eyes flashed to his own. “I want you to suck my dick,” Paul whispered, never looking away from Anderson. “I want to fuck your face… before I watch him fuck you.”

The girl chuckled softly, her hands making quick work of Paul’s belt as she slowly slid down his body. Her fist curled around the base of his erection, her hand seeming impossibly small in contrast to the way Anderson’s always felt so strong around him. Paul moaned and rocked forward into her touch, his eyes drifting from Anderson to her as she smiled, sliding her hand along his shaft and moving to brace herself against his thigh with her other palm as she squatted in her heels.

When her cherry red lips closed around his head he growled, rocking forward and instantly burying several inches of his cock in her mouth. “Fuck!” he cried, his eyes opening and finding Anderson’s. “Andy,” he panted as the girl began to bob masterfully on his dick, “fuck baby… I want… are you hard? I want to see it… please…”

Anderson smiled, opening his own pants and sliding his hand around his cock. He tugged it out of his briefs, stroking it slowly and stepping forward so that Paul had a good view. “It’s hot,” he whispered, closing his fist tightly around the base of his cock before once again stroking it completely, “it hot watching her suck you off.”

Paul thrust forward into her mouth, his hand moving to the back of her head as he began to fuck her face with a little more force. “She’s good Andy… not as good as you… but good. I want…” whimpering as the girl drug her teeth lightly along his shaft and pulled back to spit on his head, he smiled at her, “I want him to fuck you… then I’m going to fuck you… or him… I haven’t really decided yet.”

The girl nodded, moving to take Paul’s dick back into her mouth and bobbing to swallow its length, gagging only for an instant as he pumped his hips forward and pressed her lips hard against his belly with his hand on the back on her neck.

Anderson whimpered, squeezing his cock again and beginning to pump it more quickly. “You want me to fuck her? Instead of fucking her yourself?”

Paul nodded, still rocking into her mouth. “Yes… I want you to fuck her and tell me about it… about how it feels… about how she’s tight and wet… I want you to make me want to fuck her the way I only want to fuck you.”

Anderson whimpered, nodding.

Paul smiled, pulling the girl off of his cock and looking down at her. “Stand up and get naked.”

She complied, moving quickly to slip her dress over her head, tossing aside her bra, then slowly slipping her panties down and stepping out of them.

“Leave on the heels,” Paul whispered, letting his eyes trail down her body as his tongue slid over his bottom lip.

The girl smiled, sliding one hand to cup a breast as her other hand trailed down her stomach and two fingers parted her slit to show Paul how wet she was for him and his lover.

Paul whimpered, stroking his own cock roughly.

Anderson stepped to the side and Paul’s eyes flashed up to him, worry that he‘d changed his mind. He calmed when he realized Anderson was grabbing a box of condoms and tearing one open. He smiled, glancing at the girl then back at Anderson. “That’s right,” he whispered, “only I get your come.”

Anderson nodded, rolling on the condom and continuing to stroke his dick as he stepped forward. He bypassed the girl altogether, wrapping his arms round Paul and tugging him into a deep kiss that lingered as their hands found each other’s cocks and stroked them roughly between their bodies.

“You’re going to look so hot fucking her,” Paul whispered against Anderson’s lips, “it’s going to make me want you to fuck me.”

Anderson smiled, pulling back and letting his eyes trail to the girl before he stared back at Paul though he was speaking to her. “Bend over the couch,” he whispered, biting his lip, “he likes me to fuck him over the couch.”

Paul hissed, stroking his cock even more quickly as the girl complied, and he let his mind wander to the many times Anderson had given him the same order.

Anderson stepped over to the girl, one hand remaining on his dick as the other moved to her slit and slid down it. He pressed two fingers into her and she whimpered, her dainty fingers curling into the soft material of the couch as Anderson fucked her quickly with his rough fingers.

Anderson looked back at Paul, still pumping his fingers. “Look at him,” Anderson said to the girl, before he turned his attention back to Paul. “She’s wet baby, from sucking your dick… tight and wet.”

Paul whimpered, reaching out to brace himself against the table behind him. “Fuck… Andy… fuck her.”

Anderson smiled, sliding his fingers from her and curling them around her hip as he positioned his cock and pressed into her quickly with one thrust of his hips.

Paul’s eyes fell to the girl’s, wanting to register her pleasure, wanting to feel it with her as he pumped his dick in his fist tightly.

Anderson moaned low in his throat as he began to pump into the girl: rough, staccato thrusts of his hips. The girl whimpered beneath him, one hand reaching back to brace his thigh each time he pressed to his depth inside of her.

“Fuck,” she whimpered, letting her eyes trail back to Paul and finding him still staring at her. “He feels so good,” he whispered, “such a big dick… so deep inside of me.”

Paul whimpered, nodding. He let his eyes closed and let the sounds of sex wash over him and remind him of the many times Anderson had been slamming into him instead of her. He let his eyes open and found Anderson staring at him as he slammed into the girl. “So hot,” he whispered, “fuck… tell me…”

Anderson nodded, panting slightly as the girl whimpered once more beneath him. “She’s tight…” he whispered, “so fucking wet… I see why you like it… why women are…” he moaned as she clamped down him, her first orgasm making her muscles tighten, “fuck… baby… you should fuck her.”

Paul whimpered, reaching out for a condom and rolling it on before he stepped forward. “Let me fuck her,” he whispered bending to claim Anderson’s lips while he continued to thrust into her.

Anderson smiled, closing his fist around the base of his cock as he pulled back and stepped out of the way.

Paul curled his hands around her hip, turning her so that he back pressed to the couch and pushing her back over it’s edge. She smiled, lifting her hips and curling her legs around Paul’s waist as he positioned his cock and pressed completely into her.

“Oh God,” he moaned as her fingers curled around his arms to balance herself, “fuck… I’ve missed it..”

Anderson nodded, stroking his cock in time with Paul’s thrusts into her. “Do you like it? Should I give it to you more often? I will… It doesn’t have to be your birthday for me to want to please you.”

The girl whimpered, tightening her hips around Paul as he slammed deeper into her and let one hand slide down her hip until his thumb pressed to her clit hard and began to rub slow circles. Her lips parted slightly, and Paul smiled at his job well done. “I like fucking women,” he whimpered, looking back at Anderson, “but God I love you.”

Anderson smiled, stepping forward and kissing Paul again. “I like watching you fuck her… like knowing what it feels like… knowing what you’re feeling.”

Paul whimpered, slamming even harder into the girl and making her yelp with pleasure as he pinched her clit tightly between two fingers. “Was it good when she came? Did it feel good on your cock?”

Anderson nodded, squeezing his dick at its base before stroking it completely and roughly. “Fuck… this is so hot.”

Paul smiled, turning his attention to the girl. “Come for me,” he whispered, bending to suck a nipple into his mouth.

The girl whimpered, every muscle in her body tightening as she came for the second time, her nails digging into Paul’s skin as she whimpered his name.

“What do you want?” Paul whispered against her neck as he lifted her to his chest, his arms curling around her, “Why did you agree to do this?”

The girl whimpered, rocking her hips forward against Paul’s assault as her eyes trailed over Anderson. “Both of you… so hot… I want you both.”

Paul hissed, his hand sliding down her back as two fingers trailed down the crack of her ass and pressed to her tight bud as he continued to slam into her. “I’m going to fuck him,” Paul whispered, “you’ve made me want him more than I knew I could want anyone… but he can fuck you if you want… while I fuck him.”

The girl whimpered, nodding because she was incapable of words for a moment. As Paul continued to thrust into her, her eyes caught Anderson’s and she whispered, “Whatever you want.”

Anderson nodded, “Let’s go to the room. I want… baby, if you want to fuck me let’s go to bed.”

Paul nodded, sliding his hands under the girl’s ass and lifting her down from the couch as he slid from her. He turned to Anderson and linked their hands, leading Anderson up to their room and smiling as the girl followed.

Anderson reached into a drawer and pulled out the lube, pouring some onto his own hand before reaching under his sack to press the same two fingers he’d thrust into the girl into himself. His eyes fell shut, his hips rocking forward as he fucked himself for a minute while Paul and the girl watched. He slid his fingers out, moving to the girl and slipping a hand around her waist. “Lay down.”

She slid onto their bed and spread her legs as Anderson slipped between them. He pressed his thumb to her clit the way Paul had as he pushed his length into her once again. “Paul,” he hissed as he thrust once, hard, “please…”

Paul moved quickly, tearing off the condom he’d worn inside of her and coating his dick with the lube Anderson had produced, before he climbed onto the bed behind Anderson and slid two fingers into his already slightly slick hole to make sure he was ready for him.

“Baby,” he whispered, positioning his cock and pressing slowly forward, “so fucking hot.”

Anderson cried out as Paul entered him, pressing to his depth inside of the girl beneath him and panting against her collar bone as Paul slid completely inside of his ass. “Paul,” he whimpered, “fuck… baby… it’s too much… fuck… won’t last long…”

Paul nodded, bending to press his lips to Anderson’s shoulder blade as he began to rock slowly inside of him. “I know baby… so hot… so fucking hot.”

Every time Paul thrust into Anderson, his dick was shoved hard into the girl, who followed each of Anderson’s whimpers with one of her own. Anderson’s eyes met hers and he dipped to claim her lips, hungrily, with need. “Fuck,” he hissed against them as Paul grazed his prostate, “I’m going to come.”

Paul cried out, losing himself in Anderson’s words and curling his fingers around his hips as he fucked him hard and fast. “Yes,” he whispered, “fuck… so good…”

Anderson whimpered one last time, coming hard inside of the girl beneath him and slamming into her completely as he collapsed on top of her. Paul cried out as Anderson tightened around him, stroking his hips only a few more times before he was coming, deep inside of Anderson.

He too collapsed, only remembering himself when the girl’s muffled whimper hit his ears. He pulled back from Anderson, falling onto the bed at the girl’s side and watching as Anderson’s eyes fluttered open. Anderson bent to kiss him, slowly pulling his softening dick from the girl before slipping off the condom and tossing it into the trash on top of Paul’s. He slid onto his back on the other side of the girl and let his eyes drift closed again.

Three sets of eyes fluttered slowly open and shut, three chests pounded as they fought for air, one very lucky girl closed her eyes and knew that all of her dreams had come true, as two very happy lovers began to formulate a whole new set of fantasies.
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ha ha ha. glad you like it. ;p
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*mwah* happy birthday luv. =D