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Love is a loaded gun...

and I'm wearing a bullseye.

bang, ya got me!
23 September 1982
ICON DISCLAIMER: If you made an icon I am using that you feel is miscredited, please let me know. I will be happy to provide you with credit. =D

*points up* banner made by the amazing aelora. *nods*

So, uh...you wanna get to know me? Here's what you're getting yourself into:

i know that more than anything experiences are results of choices we make, and those experiences make us who we are. who i am is complicated yet beautifully simple; i'm more than a little crazy, ocd, anal retentive in odd ways, and according to someone who has known me forever i'm 'too creative, spirited and unbiggoted' to be stuck anywhere. perhaps that's why i always feel caved in. i love my dogs and my friends unconditionally, though at times i admit i want to murder them all, put on an adult diaper, grab a taser and set out to teach britney spears and paris hilton what real pain is. i have bad taste in music, movies (hell, i love death to smoochy), tv, men, and exceptional taste in shoes and handbags i'll never be able to afford. i drink beer, think $20 champagne tastes the same as $1000 champagne, actually crave ramen sometimes, HATE to vacuum and do dishes, constantly imagine getting in my car and never coming back, am nicer than i give myself credit for, and try really hard to be as funny as i think i am when no one is looking. i pick at my nails and cuticles until they bleed, i don't brush my hair often enough, and i never put my laundry away after it comes out the dryer. i LOVE christmas trees, pepsi, nutella with bananas, fuzzy blankets and comfortable underwear that makes me feel sexy, slutty shirts, pretty gays, and sun shining through the hole in the curtains that warms my face when i pass out on my couch. i'm not a cuddler, but i always try to be when the time is right, loathe pretentious romance, won't use conditioner if it's not the same as the shampoo, and only shave when i have to. i need my cellphone to function, i almost never change my calendar on time, read the same web-pages religiously, secretly am addicted to fan-fiction (shh...don't tell), and i want more than anything to NOT hate the sound of my alarm clock.